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Cash recyclers

A lincsafe cash recycler accepts and dispenses cash. The recycler checks and counts your money and is monitored online through a web portal and reports all transactions. There are various recycling options for notes as well as for coins or a combination of both.

If desired, there is also a combination with a CIT company, so that the transport of your money is safely regulated and you are less concerned.

Lincstation closed cash drawer
Closed cash register

Till Refill Machine
Till Refill Machine for coins and notes

BRL Bulk Cash Recycler
Large Cash recycler for notes and coins!

BRM Cash Recycler
Madium Cash recycler for notes and coins!

CRL Coin Recycler
Large Coin recycler

CRM Coin Recycler
Medium Coin recycler

CRM+ Cash Recycler
Madium Cash recycler for notes and coins!


The new MIA and MUA is in production


MUA LowRes combi LS

De Corridor 9
NL-3621 ZA Breukelen
The Netherlands


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