LincSafe is a young (est. 2013) and dynamic company which develops, manufactures, sells and maintains Intelligent Safe Solutions. The daily operation is in the hands of Mark Dikken, who leads a team of developers and specialists. LincSafe owns all its technology and develops hardware and software in-house, creating flexible and well priced solutions for demanding customers.

The company was started by two companies with a long history in security and cash processing, Nauta Security BV and Merlin Technology.

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Nauta is a leading company in the market of safes. Started in 1963 the company has made an impressive growth. With its own production facilities and offices in Belgium, Germany and of course the Netherlands, Nauta Security serves retailers, governments and other professional parties with quality storage and safety solutions. Nauta markets their own brands, Nauta, Orgami and Sistec as well as 3rd party products.

Merlin is active since 1998. After an initial start in the niche of counterfeit detection and verification devices, Merlin has transformed to a full service provider of cash handling solutions. Merlin works with banks, CIT, retailers and (international) partners for the development, sales and maintenance of the full range of cash handling and counterfeit detection devices. Today, Merlin is the largest brand independent provider in the Netherlands.